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Detention and Demurrage is Breaking our Supply Chain

Tell Congress to protect the American Trucker and Shipper

American truckers and shippers have always been the ones to bear the cost of bottlenecks in the supply chain. This hits us and our customers in detention and demurrage fees. These costs have always strained our operations, sometimes to the amount of $500 per container per day. And the unfortunate reality is often the barriers to moving our containers are not of our making.

Now in the post-COVID volume surge these unreasonable charges are bringing American goods movement to the breaking point.

We cannot afford and should not have to pay detention and demurrage for restrictions and barriers outside our control.

It has gotten so out of hand that the Federal Maritime Commission announced February 17, 2021 that they are demanding information on detention and demurrage practices from ocean carriers and marine terminals due to on-going non-compliance. But we need more action.

What You Can Do Today

While we wait to see what comes out of this FMC demand, we need to keep moving to protect our businesses. Use this letter writing tool to notify your Representative and the Senate Commerce Committee and House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Select the option that best describes you and take action now. Personalize the message and detail how unreasonable detention and demurrage is harming your business.


Have you been charged detention or demurrage for containers even when any of the following occurred? Let Congress know.


No Terminal Appointments before Last Free Day


Vessel slipping changing the Earliest Receiving Day


Volume-related port congestion on both coasts


Insufficient labor on terminal


Lack of advanced notice of return locations


Inadequate equipment availability for containers and chassis